Yorkshire Inclusive Teaching School Alliance

Accelerate Programme  »  SLE/Coach Participation

Role of the coach includes:

  • 2 days training for each coach plus entitlement to their own coaching over the year (maximum of one day at times to suit) – March 2019 – March 2020
  • Lead 3 group workshops of around 2 – 3 hours over the year (approximate timing is May, July, October)
  • Half a day entitlement to each teacher per term at times to suit (15 days total)
  • Flexible time to keep in touch – 1 day
  • Contingency – 2 days for administration additional support where needed

Total time commitment

  • 2 days for their own training and professional development
  • 16.5 days input (full half-day associated with each participant per term, assumes 3 workshops and 10 participants)
  • 1 day for keeping in touch


  • YITSA will pay schools at SLE rate

If you are interested in this deployment please register by following this link https://accelerate-teaching.co.uk/instructional-coach-application-form/