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Yorkshire Inclusive TSA CPD Brochure

East SILC John Jamieson School has a full programme of CPD opportunities that are available to staff in other schools. 
Please contact us for further details and pricing.  Many of our events are also advertised on Eventbrite.

The Engagement Model

We have been funded by the DfE to train colleagues in the Engagement Model, a new form of assessment for pupils working below the standard of the national curriculum tests and not engaged in subject-specific study. It will replace P scales 1 to 4 and will become statutory from the 2021/22 academic year. If you are in a school in West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire or the North East, please contact yorkshireinclusivetsa@eastsilc.org if you would like to discuss the training we can offer.

Relationship, Sex and Health Education

We are part of the consortium of Teaching Schools across West Yorkshire delivering the DfE-funded RSHE training. Please see the leaflet below for further details.


Yorkshire Inclusive TSA is proud to offer two new exciting courses around supporting behaviour in schools for 2020-2021.  These courses will be facilitated by our lead coach and facilitator for the Early Career Framework and underpinned by “Accelerate” a DfE Teaching and Learning Improvement Fund project.

1. A systematic approach to Developing Behaviour Management Skills

This course is for staff in schools that would like to develop their behaviour management skills. It provides a structured approach that breaks down different aspects of behaviour management so that you can focus upon one aspect at a time.  There will be three twilight sessions spaced 3 weeks apart:

  • Following a self-reflective session, participants will return to school to develop strategies to improve and practice their chosen aspect.
  • The second session will involve further reflections on different aspects of behaviour management, some individual coaching and a second aspect chosen will be the focus of the next session in school.
  • The third session participants will share their new emerging practice and focus upon current research on sanctions and rewards as well as developing robust resilience skills for dealing with behaviour in the classroom. Finally setting themselves next steps for further improving their behaviour management skills.
2. Supporting Staff to Improve Behaviour Management

This course is for leaders in school at all levels. It provides a structured approach to supporting staff to overcome behaviour management challenges.  This half-day course will introduce participants to a system to analysis the individual components that make up successful behaviour management.

It will enable participants to:

  • Support staff in a systematic way to improve their behaviour management skills.
  •  It considers an approach that supports staff to target individual aspects of behaviour management. By working on one aspect at a time rather than a blanket approach to behaviour improvement.
  • It will encourage leaders to enable staff to review their current practice, identify different approaches, and then practice that aspect until it becomes an automatic response.
  • There will be opportunities to review current thinking about behaviour as well as sharing and discussing common issues when supporting staff to develop their behaviour management toolkit. 


We are also able to offer the following bespoke approaches, facilitated by an ex-National Strategies Behaviour and Attendance Advisor –

  • Whole staff training that offers a simple path to a consistent approach and challenges staff in an engaging and good-humoured way to teach and most importantly model the behaviours that they want to see. Plenty of practical strategies for avoiding problems and for responding to them when they do occur. Follow up visits to support/embed if desired.
  • ‘Behaviour learning walks’ that will give senior leaders a concise picture of strengths and areas for development, linked to the above if desired.
  • One to one support for staff who have ‘behaviour’ difficulties e.g. asserting themselves or building positive relationships. A cycle of classroom visits and feedback to ensure progress.
  • Training for NQTs who need the basics, delivered in a relatable, interactive style with time for questions and peer discussion. Possible continuing support in person, online, via 'Zoom' /Skype or equivalent?
  • Support for departments in secondary schools that have identified 'behaviour' as an issue, comprising elements of the activities outlined above.
  • One to one support for middle/senior leaders holding the behaviour brief, to support their strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation.
  • Training for support staff such as teaching assistants, heads of year, technicians, office staff and lunchtime supervisors to offer practical strategies to manage difficult situations and focuses on language and modelling.

Contact - yorkshireinclusivetsa@eastsilc.org    
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Teaching School Cancellation Policy

Teaching School: Cancellation Policy

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